Gratitudeful – Day 8/34

Gratitudeful for a certain pink angel in my living room :)


Gratitudeful – Day 7/34

Day 7: Gratitudeful for Summer and its beautiful tomatoes — Big, small, green and red. They are a lovely blessing of this season. Oh, what will we get to make with all of the gorgeous tomatoes at our fingertips or.. rather, at our toe-tips??


Gratitudeful – Day 6/34

Getting back in the swing of writing is an interesting practice. It feels a bit awkward, but I suppose that is to be expected. Too much time away from anything, makes for a awkward reintroduction.. Today I’m ruminating over why what I do has value. I’m realizing that the work I do is valuable, whether I make an impact or if I don’t make one. How so?

My work becomes important when I realize that where I am is precisely were God has put me, and if the God of the universe has decided that here is where I should be then here is where I shall live and live in Peace and Joy — No matter how big or small my impact seems to my human mind.

Gratitudeful for the truth.

Gratitudeful – Day 5/34

Gratitudeful for the sunlight that woke me up this morning. Saturday sleep-ins are the best.

Gratitudeful – Day 4/34

Gratitudeful to be married to a hard-working, fun-filled, sincere man. Happy that we are building a foundation together. Taking steps together slowly. Learning as we go, failing, winning, growing, living life.

Gratitudeful – Day 3/34

My mind is blank -not many words come. Yet today I know that I am especially gratitudeful for true friends. Those that look out for me, let me go on rants, share joys, fill my life with lots of goodness. You know those friends who want to be with you, just because they do. Yay! I’m remembering to slow down and enjoy them just because they are awesome, and deserve to be treasured.

S u b s c r i b e   b y   E m a i l