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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend we took a special trip to go see an old college friend, Libby in Kentucky. We went to my university and got to catch up with some professors and reminisce about times past. Then on Saturday, my friend Libby made us a breakfast fit for a king complete with homemade tortillas, eggs, […]

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Photography Styling Challenge #4: Morning

I admit I almost chickened out and skipped this challenge fearing I wouldn’t have time or creativity to do it, but luckily I have a loving husband who gives me a good kick in the rear when I get overly dramatic. October’s styling challenge was titled “Morning.” A wonderful theme, because despite common sentiment I […]

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Juice Fast Challenge : Day 15 – Before and After Photos

I apologize for the delay in publication. You see after 15 days of juicing, something strange happened to us.  That is why I’ve taken so long to type this post. My hands aren’t quite what they used to be…We have changed…. (see the photo below) Before and After Picture After 15 days of juicing, Juan […]

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Juice Fast Challenge : Day 14 – Cranky Days! + Transitions!

photo by juan job Quote of the Day:  Juan: (he offers me 50$ cash) Me: No, I don’t want the money, I can’t buy anything!!!!! Him: What do you mean? Me: I can’t buy any coffee! (Wahhhh!) Story of the Day:  Him: Awh.. poor baby, You’re finally normal, like me! he said while jumping in circles […]

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Juice Fast Challenge : Day 13 – Happy Days!

Story of the Day:  I’m Happy! Why? Not only is it day 13 but…. Guess What? I found in E-mart today? CILANTRO!!! What is the big deal? You don’t know!?! Oh that’s right, you probably don’t live in South Korea. Do you know that I’ve been looking for cilantro for the past 3 years in Korea, […]

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Juice Fast Challenge : Day 12 – How Do you Start to Eat Again? Step One = Make a Plan

  Day 12 is upon us, and it get me dreaming of food. See the picture above, a salad that I made last summer. Yum! I really do like food, and cooking and all of the yummy, chewy things that come with it. So with all of this food in my head, it got me […]

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